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Rent A Car Varna, Bulgaria

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Rent a car Varna Bulgaria

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Eurent Rent A Car Varna Bulgaria.

Welcome to Eurent car rentals! Eurent is one of the leading national vehicle rental and car hire agencies and extends the first class rental service that customers have come to expect to the internet, where you can hire a car, SUV, minivan, sports car, van, convertible, luxury limousine, helicopter, yacht, scooter, bicycle or whatever kind of automobile you desire from the comfort of your own home.




Eurent, situated in Bulgaria Varna rent a car service provider. We provide a lot of cars for hire, of any class or price. You can hire from cheap small car to limousine, yacht and helicopter. This is available only with Eurent – the best rent a car service in Bulgaria.

We offer many ways to hire a car for Your comfort. You can fill the contact form on our web site or directly rent a car by clicking "Book" button, or send us an e-mail, or make a phone call, or fax us. Our goal is to be the best car hire service in Bulgaria, and by sending us information about Your needs we can make our service better.

All Eurent’s cars are in perfect condition, according to Euro standards. Fully equipped with everything that You may need like AC (Air Conditioner), GPS, Maps, baby seats, bike holders and many more. For winter season we equip our cars with snow chains and winter tires, allowing You to travel without any care of road conditions. If You need something we are not offering, You may contact us and we’ll try to fulfill all Your needs.

Why renting a car in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is very culture rich country, with great nature, perfect summer and winter resorts and a lot of places to go. There are many villages protecting Bulgarian’s culture and offering a great “time travel” in our history. The only way to have the freedom of traveling all across Bulgaria and visit this historical places is with car. So by renting a car from Eurent You can enjoy the time in Bulgaria, without being dependent to mass transport and You are free to experience our history and culture.

Why we have to rent a car from Eurent?

We are people turned company and our main goal in to make the customer happy by giving him the best car hire service in Bulgaria. This give us a reason to work. We are situated in the city of Varna, but this is no problem for renting a car in Burgas, Nessebar, Golden Sands, Kamchia, Kranevo and all across Bulgaria. We hope that we can satisfy every customer with best service according to his needs. Our cars is our commercial so we take special care for any car for rent, so we can be sure that every one of our many customers can relax or do business in Bulgaria without any car problems. This customer care gives You the freedom to travel anyware and visit all Bulgaria’s culture treasures. We offers 24/7 support for our customers anyware in Bulgaria. If You want to have unforgetting vacation, Eurent offers You to rent a yacht or rent a helicopter with crew and view Bulgaria in angles no one does. We don’t just offer rent a car service, we offer low cost transfers.

With us You can plan all Your vacation without a care in the world and rent the car for You. We offers cars of any type and any class according to Your needs.

Contact us, rent a car or yacht, or rent a helicopter and have the most comfortable and enjoyable vacation as possible in Bulgaria.

Cars for rent that we offer have all required documentation, insurance and full pack of extras the model can offer, like air-conditioner, central door lock, power windows, air bag and etc . All the cars that we offers from low cost to luxury are in perfect car condition according to European standards.

If You want to get all the benefits of the best rent a car service in Bulgaria, all You need to do is contact Eurent. The rest is up to us.

Have the greatest vacation ever in Bulgaria.

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